Welcome to the J.D. Externship Program! Externships provide Georgetown Law students with enriching opportunities to earn academic credit while "learning by doing." By virtue of our location in the nation's capital, the Externship Program has unparalleled access to an array of judicial, governmental, and nonprofit field placement settings.

In the field, students work alongside supervising attorneys to learn, exercise, and observe a wide range of legal skills, including client counseling and interviewing, negotiation, policymaking, and advocacy. Working in collaboration with their supervising attorneys, students establish learning objectives for their experience and receive ongoing feedback in a real world practice setting.

At the Law Center, students participate in a companion seminar to reinforce their field placement experience. Through the seminar, students consider essential topics involving professionalism, ethics, professional identity, legal problem-solving, work-life balance, and the role of a lawyer. Through regular classroom engagement, students enhance their learning at the field placement and develop critical reflective practices that they will use throughout their careers. 

Please visit Program Overview and Requirements to learn how you can participate in the J.D. Externship Program. 

Click here for the J.D. Externships and D.C. Advantage Student Forum recording. (10/26/2016)