Clinic Course for Current J.D. Students

 Law students apply to join the Harrison Institute’s housing and community development clinic in the spring before their year in the clinic.  It is a two-semester clinic that awards 14 credits, seven in the fall and seven in the spring.  It is open to students in their second or third year; you need to have 28 credits by the time you start in the clinic.

Applications & Important Information: To apply, you must submit a clinic application with completed answers to all supplemental questions for the policy clinic along with your resume and a statement of interest. Detailed information on the application process, dates and deadlines are available after the first week of March at:

Policy clinic information.  We encourage you to attend one of several information sessions with the policy clinic faculty (times are included in the guide to all clinical programs) or email us for an appointment. 

Selection criteria.  Our main criterion is student interest in our policy role, our clients or project topics, which you can express to us based on work or academic experience, career plans, personal values.  We also need some students who are proficient in Spanish.

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