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The Georgetown Climate Center was created in 2009 at the request of leading foundations and state governments to serve as a bridge between the states and the federal government and as a resource for states as they develop their own climate policies.

State and local governments reflect the diversity of regional exposure to climate risks, economic development interests, and political leadership.  On behalf of the Georgetown Climate Center, we have worked directly with state and local governments: 

  • Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation –including CA metropolitan areas
  • California Air Resources Board
  • Connecticut
  • Chester, PA
  • District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment
  • Green Infrastructure Advisory Group –including Denver, Detroit, Santa Fe, DC, Cambridge
  • Maryland
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • New York City, NY
  • New York state commissions on response to Hurricane Sandy
  • Oregon Department of Public Health
  • Virginia
  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • Western Adaptation Alliance –including Denver, Santa Fe, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas
Government associations request our presentations at their conferences and use our toolkits and policy models

  • Coastal States Organization (CSO)
  • National Conference of Environmental Legislators (NCEL)
  • National League of Cities 
  • Northeast States for Coordinate Air Use Management (NSCAUM)
  • Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM)
  • West Coast Governors Alliance
  • Western Governors Association

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