Degree Requirements

The Georgetown Law Student Handbook of Academic Policies sets forth the basic requirements for the LL.M degree other than those related to the number of credit hours and required courses. The Student Handbook also details the Law Center's academic rules and requirements. In case of a conflict between the Student Handbook and the summaries on this Website, the terms of the Student Handbook control. Students should refer to the Student Handbook that corresponds to their year of matriculation.

Graduate students who received their J.D. from law schools in the United States must complete 24 academic credits. Sixteen of these credits must be completed in courses listed under the LL.M: Securities and Financial Regulation Curriculum Guide. Before matriculating in the Securities program, U.S. students must have completed successfully a basic law school course in securities regulation. At the discretion of the Graduate Admissions Committee, an applicant for this degree who has not completed the prerequisite course, but who is otherwise qualified, may be permitted to enroll in Securities Regulation in the applicant's first semester (as a full-time student) or first year (as a part-time student) at the Law Center. Credit for this course will count toward the 24 academic credits required for the degree but not toward the 16 credits that must be taken in Securities courses.

Graduate students trained outside the United States must complete 20 academic credits, including 14 credits in courses listed under the LL.M: Securities and Financial Regulation Curriculum Guide. The courses in Securities Regulation (either the 2-credit, 3-credit, or 4-credit versions) count towards the required 14 credits.

Course Selection. The courses eligible for the specialization requirements are listed by semester on the "Curriculum" page. In choosing among those courses, students may find it useful to review the "Curriculum Roadmap" page.


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