U.S. Bar Exam Information for Foreign-Educated Attorneys

The New York Bar

The New York Bar is the jurisdiction of choice for many of our foreign-trained attorneys. Most other state jurisdictions have requirements for the exam that either preclude or make it very difficult for the foreign-trained attorney to meet eligibility requirements to sit for the exam. Click here to read more.

The California Bar

LL.M. students with foreign bar membership wishing to take a bar exam in the U.S. should research the option of the California bar. While New York requires an LL.M. with a number of American law courses for many candidates [see above], California is an appealing option for those lawyers who are admitted to practice law in jurisdictions outside the U.S. Click here to read more.

The D.C. Bar

Eligibility for the D.C. Bar is much stricter than New York for all foreign-educated law graduates. Click here to read more.

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