Juris Doctor/Master of the Arts in Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies

J.D./M.A.E.R.E.S. degree candidates must satisfy course requirements for both the J.D. and M.A.E.R.E.S. degrees. In addition to the J.D. and M.A.E.R.E.S. degrees, a Joint Program Certificate will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the program. Students undertake a four-year course of study comprising a minimum of 109 academic credits (76 credits of Law Center courses and 33 credits of M.A.E.R.E.S. work, with 9 credits of J.D. coursework counted toward the M.A.E.R.E.S. degree and 9 credits of M.A.E.R.E.S. coursework counted toward the J.D.). Candidates for this joint degree must meet the graduation requirements and satisfy the academic standards of both programs (for J.D. program requirements, see the Juris Doctor Program chapter of the Georgetown Law Student Handbook of Academic Policies). Joint Degree Students must complete the two required courses, Introduction to Area Studies and the Capstone Seminar, demonstrate advanced relevant foreign language ability through successful completion of two advanced language courses, and make a public presentation of research completed in the Capstone Seminar.

Curriculum Outline

• 24 credits of M.A.E.R.E.S. coursework, including two advanced language courses, Introduction to Area Studies, and the Capstone Seminar;

• 30 credits of the required first-year law program (taken in the first or second years of the joint program);

• 30 credits in further law courses including Professional Responsibility and successful completion of the legal writing requirement. Students matriculating in Fall 2016 or later must also complete 6 credits of experiential coursework. These courses are distributed among the third and fourth years (one credit of experiential coursework may be completed through the optional first-year Week One course);

• 16 credits in international law courses including: 3 credits in the required course, International Law I: Introduction to International Law; 4 credits in further international law courses; and 9 other credits in international law or international law-related courses which complement the student’s area concentration. These courses are typically taken in the third and fourth years, though students may choose International Law I as their first-year elective during their first-year at the Law Center or complete this course during a Summer session; and

• 9 credits of additional M.A.E.R.E.S. coursework, taken in the third and/or fourth years or during Summer sessions.

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