First-Year Week One Simulations (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Week One generally:

What have past students said about their experience with Week One?

Here is a sample of feedback from students who took Week One courses in the last couple of years.  You can also review course evaluations online.

I really liked the content and the feeling that we were finally connecting what we learn in class to real life and gaining a better understanding of the complicated ways that laws and theories interact with each other in practice. 

I actually felt that it increased my confidence level in my overall law school experience. It made me see my own talents and capabilities actually play out in a setting outside the classroom which I appreciated. I think it is a good buffer between the two semesters.

I liked learning about the different penal policies in Europe and the international law ramifications of extradition and terrorism. I also liked working collaboratively with my classmates and having the opportunity to make an oral argument, something very scary for me, in a non-threatening environment.

I can't really think of anything I liked best because everything was so fun and useful. It's probably my favorite class thus far as a 1L. I f forced to choose I think the development of lawyering skills is probably my "favorite" simply because it felt like I got to use my education right away and it felt like there was a payoff at the end of slogging through all these casebooks.

I really loved the team-work aspect of the program. Because the program is pass/fail and there are no grades involved, I felt a spirit of collaboration that's missing from regular courses during the year. There were less obstacles to sharing thoughts and ideas. I felt encouraged to work with my team and share arguments with other teams, too.

The subject matter and the problem presented was the most interesting part of the course for me. I enjoyed its relevance to current events and in thinking through the issue, I could imagine working in this type of field as a career rather than just in a classroom.    

How can I prepare for the course?

There are no prerequisites for the course. All of the Week One courses require reading and preparation before classes begin on January 8, 2018.  Students will be emailed in December with information about course materials and instructions for the week.

How am I evaluated?

Week One courses are designed for first-year students, are highly participatory, and are graded on a pass/fail basis.  The faculty do not expect you to be experts and will not be grading you on the quality of your work, in or outside of class.  Instead, you will be evaluated solely on your attendance and participation.  For that reason, you must be present for all class sessions and complete all class assignments.  

Will I earn credit, and how am I charged?

JD students earn 1 credit toward the 85 credits needed to graduate.  The course counts toward the 6 credits of experiential coursework required of students matriculating as first-year students in Fall 2016 or later. The credit is graded pass/fail (a "P" shows up in your student transcript next to the course name) and is counted in the Spring semester courseload.  (Note: this pass/fail credit does not count against the 7 credits of pass/fail coursework you can elect to take as an upperclass student.) Course tuition is included in the spring full-year tuition (for full-time students); part-time students pay the per-credit tuition rate for the Spring semester.

For more information on our upperclass experiential curriculum, visit the Curriculum Guide and

Are there other activities I can participate in during Week One?

You can sign up for the Firm Walk Around Program or the Mock Interview Program run by our career services team (OCS and OPICS). In the Firm Walk Around Program, you are matched (with a group of other students) with large firms in DC for visits throughout the week. At these visits, you learn about selected practice areas and what makes each firm different. The Mock Interview Program takes place on Monday night of Week One and gives you an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills while meeting public and private sector attorneys from around the region. Registration for both programs will occur later in the fall. Keep an eye out for Career Clips for more information.

Will participating in one of the career programs interfere with my Week One course?

Students can participate in all three programs if their schedule permits!  Students who are in an evening Week One course, however, cannot participate in the Mock Interview Program.  Additionally, students who participate in both the Firm Walk Around Program and a simulation course may need to be matched with fewer firms to accommodate their course meeting times. If you have any concerns you can contact

Week One lottery process:

How many students will be able to participate in Week One 2018?

We expect to offer around 320 seats with class sizes no larger than 24 students.  Last year roughly 300 first-year students participated in first-year simulation courses during Week One

When will the lottery take place and how do I enter?

Please check the lottery instructions posted in our Key Dates section for more information and the dates of the waitlist lotteries.

When do I find out if I won a seat? How can I claim my seat?

Please check the lottery instructions posted in our Key Dates section for more information on winning and claiming your simulation seat.

What if I win a seat but decide not to take the course?

Due to the intensive nature of the courses, the small-group, team, and individual work that is involved, and the preparation that is necessary to ensure a positive student experience, students who wish to drop the course after December 1, 2017 must secure the permission of their professor and the Assistant Dean for Experiential Learning.  Students who are enrolled but do not attend the first class session will be withdrawn from the course, with a "W" posted on their transcript next to the course name. 

What if I do not win a seat but am still interested in taking the course?

Please check the lottery instructions posted in our Key Dates section for more information on how to add yourself to the waitlist.


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