Transnational Law Faculty

The distinguished full-time faculty at Georgetown includes world-renowned international and transnational legal scholars as well as outstanding faculty in other areas of the law who have broadened the scope of their scholarship and teaching to encompass law in a global context. This combination provides Georgetown students with challenging and timely courses, and direct access to outstanding examples of the expanding role of law and lawyers in today's world. The full time scholar-teachers who are engaged in instruction at Georgetown are joined by a wide array of Washington, DC practitioners-judges, general counsel, law firm partners, agency chiefs, and congressional staff members who bring together the theory and application of law as it is made and practiced in everyday life.

Full-time Faculty

Charles F. Abernathy
Professor of Law
A.B., J.D., LL. M. Harvard
Academic Interest: Introduction to U.S. Law for Civil-Law Lawyers and Students
Lama Abu-Odeh
Associate Professor of Law
LL.B. University of Jordan; LL.M. University of Bristol; M.A. University of York; S.J.D. Harvard
Israel/Palestine Conflict: Legal Issues Seminar; Law and Development
M. Gregg Bloche
Professor of Law
B.A. Columbia; M.D., J.D. Yale
Academic Interest: International Human Rights
Rosa Brooks
Professor of Law
A.B. Harvard; M.St. Oxford; J.D. Yale
Ethics and Professional Identity Seminar: The Representation of Atrocity; Failed States Seminar; International Law I
Professor of Law
A.B. Washington University in St. Louis; J.D. Columbia; Ph.D. University of Chicago
International Finance and Regulation; Globalization and Systemic Risk Seminar; International Economic Law and Policy Colloquium
David D. Cole
Professor of Law
B.A., J.D. Yale
Current Issues in National Security and Civil Liberties Seminar
Richard D. Diamond
Professor of Law
A.B. Princeton; M.A., J.D. Yale
International Trade and the WTO; International Trade Seminar: The WTO and Subsidies
Professor of Law; Co-Director, Georgetown Law-Asia
A.B., J.D. Harvard
Academic Interest: Southeast Asian Comparative Law
Associate Professor of Law
A.B. Dartmouth; M.A. University of Ulster; J.D. Stanford; Ph.D. Cambridge
National Security Law: Investigations and Prosecution
James V. Feinerman
James M. Morita Professor of Asian Legal Studies; Director, Asian Law and Policy Studies
B.A., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Yale; J.D. Harvard
Chinese Law Seminar; Asian Law and Policy Studies
Research Interests: Chinese, Japanese, and Asian Law: Law and Development; Finance
Linda D. and Timothy J. O'Neill Professor of Global Health Law; Faculty Director, O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law
B.A. State University of New York; J.D. Duke; LL.D. (Hon.) State University of New York
Academic Interests: Global Health Law, International Human Rights
AIDS Law and Ethics Seminar; National and Global Health Law; O'Neill Colloquium, Global Health Law: An Intensive, Problem-Based Exploration; Global Health Law and Governance: Grand Challenges
Associate Professor of Law
B.A. Amherst; J.D. Yale
International Tax: U.S. Taxation of Cross-Border Activities and Income
Charles H. Gustafson
Professor of Law
B.S. Buffalo; J.D. Chicago
U.S. Taxation of International Transactions
Professor of U.S. Legal Discourse
B.A. William & Mary; Ph.D. University of Connecticut; J.D. University of Texas
Academic Interests: Law and Linguistics, Legal Writing
Nan D. Hunter
Professor of Law
B.A. Northwestern University; J.D. Georgetown University Law Center
Bioterrorism, Health and the Law
Paul and Patricia Saunders Professor of National Security Law; Director, Center on National Security and the Law
A.B. Dartmouth; J.D. Yale
Law of Terrorism Seminar
David A. Koplow
Professor of Law
B.A. Harvard; Oxford; J.D. Yale
Issues in Disarmament: Proliferation and Terrorism Seminar; International Law I: Introduction to International Law; Pro-Seminar in National Security Law
David Luban
University Professor
B.A. University of Chicago; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale
Transnational Legal Theory Seminar; International Criminal Law; Philosophy of International Human Rights Seminar; Pro-Seminar on National Security; Seminar on Just and Unjust Wars
Professor of Law; A.B. Chettle, Jr., Chair in Dispute Resolution and Civil Procedure
A.B. Barnard College, Columbia; J.D. University of Pennsylvania; LL.D. Quinnipiac College of Law
Multi-Party Dispute Resolution Seminar: Consensus Building and Other Negotiation Processes; Nationalism and Cultural Identity Seminar
Professor of Law
B.A. Wesleyan University; M.A. Minnesota; J.D. Stanford
Nationalism and Cultural Identity Seminar
Professor of Law
B.A. Amherst; M.A., Ph.D. Cornell; J.D. Stanford
Academic Interest: Comparative Criminal Law and International Human Rights
Julie Rose O'Sullivan
Professor of Law
A.B. Stanford; J.D. Cornell
International Criminal Law
St. Thomas More Professor of Law and Legal History
B.S. Duke; LL.B. Stanford; M.S.B.A. University of Denver
English Legal History Seminar: Foundations of American Law
Professor Emeritus; Director, Center for the Advancement of the Rule of Law in the Americas
B.A., LL.B., LL.M. Harvard
Academic Interest: Latin America
Professor of Law; Director, International Women's Human Rights Clinic
B.A. Knox; J.D. New York University
International and Comparative Law of Women's Human Rights; International Women's Human Rights Clinic
Associate Professor of Law
J.D. (High Honors), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; LL.M. Harvard; S.J.D. (Candidate) Harvard
International Trade, Law and Development Seminar; Workplace Regulation in the Global Economy Seminar; International Trade
Philip G. Schrag
Professor of Law; Director, Center for Applied Legal Studies
A.B. Harvard; LL.B. Yale
Center for Applied Legal Studies
Jane E. Stromseth
Professor of Law; Director, Human Rights Institute; Co-Director, Joint Degree in International Studies and Law
B.A. Swarthmore; D.Phil. Oxford; J.D. Yale
International Human Rights; International Law Seminar: Use of Force and Conflict Resolution
Robert K. Stumberg
Professor of Law; Clinical Director, Harrison Institute for Public Law
B.A. Macalester; J.D., LL.M. Georgetown University
Harrison Institute for Public Law & Policy Clinic
Professor of Law
A.B. Harvard; J.D. Michigan
Comparative Professional Responsibility

Associate Professor of Law
B.A., PhD. University of Cambridge; LL.M. Harvard
Comparative Constitutional Law; Southeast Asian Constitutional Law
John R. Thomas
Professor of Law
B.S. Carnegie Mellon University; J.D. University of Michigan; LL.M. George Washington University
Intellectual Property in World Trade
Associate Professor of Law
B.A. Conservatory of Northern Greece; LL.B. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; M.A. University Pantheon Assas, Paris II; S.J.D. Harvard
European Union Law
Carlos Manuel Vázquez
Professor of Law
B.A. Yale; J.D. Columbia
International Law I: Introduction to International Law; Foreign Relations Law Colloquium
Professor of Law
A.B. Indiana; J.D. University of California, Berkeley; J.S.D. Columbia
Academic Interest: Comparative Consumer Protection
Don Wallace, Jr.
Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor; Chairman, International Law Institute
B.A. Yale; LL.B. Harvard
Constitutional Aspects of Foreign Affairs Seminar; Investor-State Dispute Settlement
Edith Brown Weiss
Francis Cabell Brown Professor of International Law; Co-Director, Joint Degree in Law and Government
A.B. Stanford; J.D. Harvard; Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley; LL.D. Chicago-Kent
International Environmental Law; International Law I: Introduction to International Law; International Environment and Trade Seminar: Climate Change
Franz Werro
Professor of Law
Licence en droit, Docteur en droit, University of Fribourg; LL.M. University of California-Berkeley
EU Law: Selected Topics in ECJ Jurisprudence ; Comparative Privacy Law: EU and US; Comparative Law: Focus on EU and US
In addition to full time faculty, Georgetown benefits from the expertise of visiting professors and adjunct faculty.

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