Georgetown Law’s tutors are exceptionally qualified 2L and 3L students who help 1Ls tackle their first-year classes. Whenever possible, first year students are matched with tutors who took the same course with the same professor their first year.

Tutoring is free to all first-year students, but is limited to one course and available for only a few hours a week. You will work in a group setting with other students in your course.

To allow time for students to settle into their classes and discover the class for which a tutor would be most useful, 1Ls are matched with tutors toward the end of September or even early October.



Our Students Say:

“[P]lease know that [my tutor] is the best tutfour students studying together outsideor I’ve EVER had and has been such a life-changing help this semester. She’s so wonderful ….”

“Thank you so much for your help this semester! It was really great to study and exam prep with [my tutor,] and I am so grateful to you for giving me the opportunity.”