Each Spring, full-time students in Curriculum A (i.e., Sections 1, 2, 4 and 5), take a 3-credit elective.  We offer the Spring 1L electives to introduce other sources of law and legal thinking into the traditional, common-law based first-year curriculum.  These other sources of law are statutes and regulations, or treaties, conventions and customary law.  The choices next semester range from three courses in the regulatory/statutory field to three in the international, comparative law field.

The leg/reg electives are designed to introduce students to the inter-relationship of administrative agencies, legislatures, and courts and how they make “law.”  The three options in the international and comparative law field are designed to help students develop an understanding of what international law is, its sources, nature, and operation and its relationship to US domestic law. We have listed the electives below.  For individual course descriptions, faculty profiles, or syllabi, click on the links below.

How do you register for a Spring 1L Elective?

To register, you must submit a form ranking your preferences.  To assist you in your decision-making, we will hold an info session at which each faculty member teaching an elective will describe their course further.  The faculty panel will be held on Monday, October 28, 3:30-4:30 pm in McDonough 202.

PLEASE NOTE that if you do not submit a preference form, you will be automatically enrolled in whichever elective has availability.

When do you register for a Spring 1L Elective?

The online preference form will open 9:00AM on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 and will close at 3:00PM on Friday, November 8, 2019.

There is no advantage to submitting early.  If you wish to change your requests after submission, please submit another form; the latest submission will be counted as final.

Students are given 4 opportunities to preference interested courses – there is no advantage to selecting the same section more than one time.

After the preference form closes, you will be unable to change your submission.  Once enrolled in an elective, if you wish to request a change, please email lawreg@georgetown.edu.

Spring 2020 First-Year Electives

Criminal Law Across Borders (LAWJ-790-50, CRN 33448)

How to Regulate (LAWJ-1603-50, CRN 35227)

International Law I: Introduction to International Law (LAWJ-235-50, CRN 10407)

International Law, National Security, and Human Rights (LAWJ-1323-50, CRN 29406)

Legislation and Regulation (LAWJ-1326-50, CRN 32452)


  • If you have trouble accessing the form, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 202-662-9220 or lawreg@georgetown.edu.
  • There is no advantage to submitting early.  There is no advantage to selecting the same section more than one time.
  • If you change your mind before the due date, simply submit a new form.  Only your most recent form will be processed.  After the due date, you will not be able to change your rankings.