Q: How many CRNs can I enter at one time?
Answer: You may enter up to 10 CRNs at one time.

Q: If I enter more than one CRN at a time, in what order are my requests processed?
Answer: Multiple CRNs will be processed in the order they entered, starting from the left.

Q: If a course I want is waitlisted before my registration window opens, should I include it in my initial requests?  Is there an advantage to joining the waitlist right when the registration window opens?
Answer: Yes, waitlist enrollment priority is determined first by student type (class year/degree program) and then by the date/time a student joins the waitlist.

Q: What should I do if my preferred course/s are full by the time my registration window opens?
Answer: If your desired section is closed and if the waitlist is offered for that section, you will be able to add yourself to the waitlist.  Prepare multiple schedule options, to have a plan B, C, etc.

Q: The section in which I am trying to register shows open seats but I am unable to register.
Answer: Please review the course description text for any additional information regarding enrollment restrictions for that section.  Make sure you have resolved Common Registration Error Messages.