Updated May 2022

For the 2022-2023 academic year, registration will occur term-by-term rather than for the full academic year.  This means that when registration opens this summer, it will be for the Fall 2022 semester only.

Students will be able to add, drop, and waitlist courses from their registration start time through 3:00 PM ET on Tuesday, September 6 for the Fall 2022 semester.  Registration for the Spring 2023 semester will open in November.

Please keep in mind that registration is first-come, first-served for most courses. For waitlisted courses, enrollment priority is determined by (1) student type (class year/degree program) and (2) the date/time a student joins the waitlist. We anticipate that in-demand seats will fill quickly after each registration start time. Students should plan accordingly and be prepared to register when their registration window opens.

Fall 2022 Registration Dates

**All registration times are in Eastern Time (ET) and adjusted for Daylight Saving Time.  Fall 2022 registration windows open at 5:15 PM ET for continuing students and 9:00 AM ET for incoming students according to the registration windows listed below**

Wed., July 6 5:15 PM Registration opens for rising 3L, 4L, 4E J.D. students
Thu., July 7 4:00 PM First Fall waitlist lottery runs. Waitlist lotteries will continue to run each weekday (excluding holidays) after 4PM ET as seats become available. Students awarded seats will have 23 hours to claim them in MyAccess.
Mon., July 11 5:15 PM Registration opens for rising 3E J.D. students
Tue., July 12 5:15 PM Registration opens for rising 2E J.D. students (including incoming 2E Transfer students)
Wed., July 13 5:15 PM Registration opens for rising 2L J.D. students (including incoming 2L Transfer students)
Mon., July 18 5:15 PM Registration opens for continuing Graduate and LL.M. students 
Wed., July 20 9:00 AM Registration opens for incoming specialized graduate degrees and incoming standalone certificate students
Mon., July 25 9:00 AM Registration opens for incoming generalized LL.M. degrees, incoming S.J.D students, and incoming graduate exchange students
Mon., August 1 9:00 AM Registration opens for incoming Non-Degree & J.D. Visitors
Fri., August 19 Cross-Campus Registration Requests due to OAA or Program Director/Advisor
Mon., August 29 First day of Fall classes
Fri., September 2 4:00 PM Final Fall waitlist lottery runs. Students awarded seats will have 23 hours to claim them in MyAccess.
Tue., September 6 3:00 PM Fall Registration in MyAccess closes  (Last day to add or drop without “W” grade for semester-long classes)

Note: Any changes to this timeline will be communicated through Georgetown’s email system and on the Office of the Registrar website.  Each student has a Georgetown Google Apps for Education email account and should check this account regularly.


Students may freely drop courses before the last day of add/drop activity without notation on their transcripts (some courses have special add/drop and withdrawal deadlines as noted in the Curriculum Guide).  After the add/drop deadline, course withdrawals must be approved by an academic advisor and are subject to the Tuition Refund Schedule.  A withdrawal notation (“W”) will be posted to the transcript for the withdrawn course.  See Course Withdrawals for the full policy, instructions, and the request form.

For Cross-Campus enrollment procedures and credit policies, see “Credit for Courses in the Undergraduate or Graduate Schools of the University” chapter of the Student Handbook.