IMPORTANT: Week One Spring 2021

Dear Students,

Exam4 needs to be downloaded to your laptop each academic term in which you are taking an exam(s). You will be notified by the Office of the Registrar when the software is available for installation on your computer.  The Exam4 download link used for your Fall 2020 final exams is the same version you will use for your Spring 2021 Week One final exams.  NOTE: There is no need to install another version of Exam4 at this time. Extegrity now supports all versions of Big Sur. Mac users may update their Big Sur versions.

If you did not take any Fall 2020 exams and you have not installed Exam4, or have recently updated your Mac computer to Big Sur, please go to the Exam4 webpage and click https://www.exam4.com/org/1521 to download the software and ensure Exam4 is functioning on your laptop before you attempt to take an exam.  Additional exam time will not be granted to students due to personal laptop issues.

Students must download and install Exam4 to their laptops, take a practice exam, and ensure Exam4 is functioning on their laptops before taking a take-home exam. Note that additional exam time will not be granted to students due to personal laptop issues. If you are unable to download Exam4 or cannot run a practice exam, please contact the Office of the Registrar at lawreg@georgetown.edu immediately.

You must have administrator rights to your laptop in order to download, install, and run Exam4.  Work laptops are not recommended for use as administrator rights are maintained by the respective organization/company.  Exam4 requires administrator rights every time it is used for a take-home exam.

A video of an Exam4 information session can found here.  Detailed information about exams and Exam4 software is available on the Office of the Registrar’s web page.


●        Exam4 will need to be downloaded to your laptop each academic term in which you are taking an exam(s).  You will be notified by the Office of the Registrar when the software is available for installation on your computer.

●        Once you download Exam4, you will be asked to take practice exams in multiple exam modes to ensure the program is working with your computer and to familiarize yourself with its word processor, which has features that differ from Microsoft Word.  Please be sure to select Practice Exam – TAKEHOME from the Exam4 course list to take your practice exam; do NOT open your courses from Exam4 until you are scheduled to start your exams.

●       NOTICE: Do not input anything into your practice exam that you would like to retrieve/access later; the content of a submitted practice exam cannot be retrieved.  Do not submit a practice exam to a course exam slot or you will be unable to access your exam questions when it is time to take your exam.  Additional time will not be given if you submit a practice exam to a course exam slot.

●        You will retrieve your five-digit exam number and exam schedule for the term from the Online Exam/Paper Management system.

●        We have been informed that in some cases the Windows desktop/background does not revert back to its original state after running Exam4.  In this case, Exam4 recommends that students wait until exams are over, then reset their background image.  This does not create any technical issues with your computer’s operating system nor your files; it is only cosmetic.

●        Please do not add any special characters such as the tilde on an ‘n’ or an accent mark on a letter when you are prompted to enter your name in the “protected information” field on the startup screen of the software. At this time, the special characters are not recognized in the software.  This will minimize sending a corrupted exam file upon completion during the submission process.

Special Note on Exam4 Time Zone for Take-Home Exam Submission:

It is particularly important to note that you must begin and submit your exams by reference to United States Eastern Time (Washington DC time), which is the time zone setting for take-home exams in Exam4. The table below shows the start and stop times for the entire take-home exam period in Washington DC in comparison to several different time zones.  Students can see how their particular time zone compares to Washington DC time using the World Clock.  There is no timer function in Exam4 that will alert you when your submission time is ending.  Please take particular care to note when you start and need to submit your exam according to Washington DC time.  You must comply with the Washington DC submission time regardless of the time zone where you are taking your exam.


Time Zone Washington
Los Angeles
Take Home Exam Period Start Time Friday 1/29/21
9:00am EST

Friday 1/29/21
10:00am CST

Friday 1/29/21
7:00am MST
Friday 1/29/21
6:00am PST
Friday 1/29/21
2:00pm GMT
Friday 1/29/21
11:00pm JST
Take Home Exam Period Stop Time Friday 2/5/21
5:30pm EST
Friday 2/5/21
6:30pm CST
Friday 2/5/21
3:30pm MST
Friday 2/5/21
2:30pm PST
Friday 2/5/21
10:30pm GMT
Saturday 2/6/21
7:30am JST

If you have any questions regarding Exam4, please contact the Office of the Registrar at lawreg@georgetown.edu.