Civil Rights & Antidiscrimination

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Georgetown Law scholars are at the forefront of major legal debates involving civil rights and antidiscrimination, writing and advocating on issues such as domestic surveillance and civil rights, privacy rights, poverty and inequality, prison conditions, LGBT rights, and affirmative action in education. Our faculty’s scholarship is among the most authoritative in the field, from thought-provoking academic articles to the leading casebook on modern federal civil rights statutes to media commentary on issues of race relations, police shootings, and workplace discrimination. 

The Institute for Public Representation (IPR) at Georgetown Law provides students hands-on training and the opportunity to work alongside professional attorneys representing clients in civil rights cases. Operating as a public interest law firm, IPR puts students in the driver’s seat interviewing clients, developing case theories, drafting and filing complaints in state and federal courts, conducting discovery, engaging in motions practice, and preparing appeals for cases involving issues such as employment discrimination and workplace fairness. Our Washington, DC, location allows students to gain real-world legal experience through internships and externships at prominent government agencies, federal courts, and leading NGOs tackling civil rights challenges. 

The Georgetown Journal of Modern Critical Race Perspectives (MCRP) provides a unique forum for scholarship by academics, students, and practitioners committed to racial justice. Drawing on our faculty members’ expertise in this area, the student-edited journal is grounded in critical race theory and examines race and identity with the goal of addressing and transforming the subordinated relationships that have historically defined race around the world. MCRP also hosts symposia that engage leading scholars and practitioners in lively debate through the lens of modern critical race theorists.

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Civil Rights

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  • Jeffrey Shulman, Meyer, Pierce, and the History of the Entire Human Race: Barbarism, Social Progress, and (the Fall and Rise of) Parental Rights, 43 Hastings Const. L.Q. 337-388 (2016).    [HEIN] [W] [SSRN] [Gtown Law]
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"MSNBC Guest: Michael Avenatti, Robert Mueller Part of a ‘Justice League’ to Save Democracy," coverage in Breitbart News, May 12, 2018, featuring Professor Paul Butler.

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