Center for the Advancement of the Rule of Law in the Americas


Center for the Advancement of the Rule of Law in the Americas (CAROLA)

Who we are

Housed at Georgetown University Law Center, CAROLA is the premier center for the study of Latin American law and policy in the United States. At CAROLA, we are committed to the study and promotion of the “rule of law” because of law’s potential to improve the lives of people by creating better market, government and social institutions. 

However, both the substance of the “rule of law” concept and the ability to replicate it in societies remain elusive. As a result, at CAROLA we have set out to provide a platform for critical, independent analysis of existing institutions, generate an informed policy debate about both substantive law and legal systems, and recommend empirically based, practical reforms that have the potential of improving the lives of individuals, particularly those traditionally marginalized. 

Other centers assume Latin America mostly as recipient of reforms. At CAROLA, we want to also focus on local innovations and experiments in Latin America, and consider how they might offer lessons to peer countries and to the United States. We seek to promote a transnational debate that looks critically not only at Latin American institutions but also at those in the United States, so that we can learn from broad-based experience throughout the Americas.

What we do

Three distinct features define the work of CAROLA: 1) our unique ability to combine theory and practice; 2) attention to context; and 3) our location. Located at Georgetown Law and with ties to leading scholars in several fields, CAROLA is perfectly situated to think big ideas and offer analysis based on both theoretical reflection and practical experience. Every year, we bring together U.S. and Latin American policy and scholarly communities to discuss pressing and timely issues for the Americas. 

This year, as important segments of societies in the U.S. and Latin America are growing increasingly disappointed with the global economy, we turn our attention to the backlash against globalization and the search for alternatives. Around that theme, for the 2017-18 academic year we will be organizing the following events: 

  • Conference - “The Future of NAFTA and North American Economic Integration” (October 6)
  • Student writing competition -“Imaginative Responses to the Backlash Against Globalization” (Spring)
  • Colloquium - “International Law and the New Global Political Economy” (Spring)
  • Book presentation - Pedro Reyes, Mexican artist (November)
  • Book presentation - Antanas Mockus, former mayor of Bogota (Spring)
    Roundtable - The crisis in Venezuela (Spring)

Student opportunities

  • Internships and externships with partner organizations

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Professor Alvaro Santos, Director of CAROLA, 

Mario Osorio, SJD Candidate, Fellow of CAROLA,

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