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HRI engages the human rights movement through its Projects and its Research

Much of HRI's work provides opportunities for Georgetown Law students interested in pursuing a career as a human rights lawyer to gain knowledge, skills, and experience.

Each year, HRI works with student to identify the focus of work pursued by our Fact-Finding Project and Legal & Policy Advocacy Project. If you have an idea for a potential project, contact Ashley Binetti, the Dash-Muse Fellow at

Recent Work

Patrick Griffith and Jennifer Podkul, Governments Must Comply with International Law, Georgetown University Global Futures Blog.

Andrew I. Schoenholtz, The New Refugees and the Old Treaty: Persecutors and Persecuted in the Twenty-First Century, Chicago Journal of International Law.

HRI Legal & Policy Advocacy Project (with the Women's Refugee Commission): Interdiction, Border Externalization, and the Protection of the Human Rights of Migrants.

HRI Fact-Finding Project report: The Cost of Stemming the Tide: How Immigration Enforcement Practices in Southern Mexico Limit Children's Access to International Protection.

Ian M. Kysel, Op-Ed: End Solitary Confinement for Teenagers, The New York Times.

HRI Perspectives on Human Rights, Volume 1, Number 1: 5 Stations on the Way to Damascus: Protecting Human Rights During and After Conflict.

IMBR Initiative Written Testimony & Memorandum of Law: The Application of the IMBR in the Context of Migrant Detention and Alternative Measures in the Americas.

HRI Fact-Finding Project report: Left Behind: How Statelessness in the Dominican Republic Limits Children's Access to Education.

HRI Legal & Policy Advocacy Project (with Amnesty International): Written Observations of Law in Henry Hill, et al. v. The United States of America

Andrew I. Schoenholtz, Philip G. Schrag & Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Lives in the Balance: Asylum Adjudication by the Department of Homeland Security (New York: New York University Press 2014). Supplemental material available here.

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