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Based at the Georgetown University Law Center, the IMBR Initiative contributes to important, ongoing debates about the way the world views and treats people who cross borders. Accessible yet substantiated by extensive legal research, the IMBR itself promotes the normative foundation for human rights protections at multiple levels of supranational migration governance. Because norms and governance mutually reinforce one another, strengthening one – through the IMBR and the work of the IMBR Initiative – stands to increase the effectiveness of the other.

The Vision of the IMBR Initiative is a world in which the human rights of all international migrants are protected, regardless of the impetus of their migration. Individuals can be migrants regardless of whether their migration is temporary, lawful, regular, irregular, forced, for protection, for economic reasons, or for any other reason. The Purpose of the IMBR Initiative is to advocate for the protection of migrants' human rights by promoting the understanding and implementation of the International Migrants Bill of Rights. The Goal of IMBR Initiative is to pursue this vision and purpose through work at the international, regional and country levels.

The IMBR Initiative, including the work of the IMBR Network, is managed by Program Manager Mina A. Trudeau in coordination with a volunteer Steering Committee of individuals who are committed to the IMBR Principles and to the vision of the IMBR Initiative. 


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