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Georgetown University Law Center In-House Ethics CLE Program

Georgetown Law Center for the Study of the Legal Profession is pleased to offer a customized ethics CLE program designed for the lawyers in your firm to maintain and advance their professional responsibility skills. The program features:

  • Cost savings by having sessions at your firm rather than outside locations.
  • Sessions taught by Georgetown Law Center professors.
  • Your firm will be able to choose topics that are most relevant to your practice.
  • Sessions organized around the type of fact patterns facing lawyers in large firms.
  • Sessions designed to encourage active interaction among participants and instructors.

The program will be presented at your office, thus enabling the participants to satisfy their mandatory ethics CLE obligations more conveniently, and permitting your firm to support this obligation more economically, than through attendance at outside programs. The faculty for the program will be Georgetown Law Center professors and Fellows of Georgetown's Center for the Study of the Legal Profession. Biographical information about the faculty is available through the following link:


In-House Ethics CLE Faculty


The program is designed to be customized to meet the specific needs of your firm. A session can be either two or three hours. We expect to devote approximately one hour to each topic although that timing can be modified to meet your needs. Among the subjects with which we would deal are confidentiality and privilege, conflicts of interest, how to respond to client misconduct. alternative fee arrangements, conflicts of interest arising from lawyers changing firms, the use of social media for business development, ex parte contacts with witnesses and employees of represented entities, terminating client relationships, and liens and other actions to collect unpaid fees. The sessions will utilize problems that are drawn from the type of fact patterns facing lawyers in large firms. The fact patterns are designed to permit active interaction among the firm's lawyers and the instructors.

The program will be held in your firm's office in the District of Columbia; lawyers in your firm's other offices may participate through video conferencing. If you wish, we can arrange a second presentation at no additional cost if it is held in the District of Columbia and within 45 days of the initial presentation. There is no limit on the number of persons who may attend the programs. We also can provide a presentation outside the metropolitan Washington, DC area but the cost of such a presentation would include an additional fee to cover time and travel expenses.

All of the Georgetown Law Center's programs are qualified to meet state bar ethics CLE requirements, including those of New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and California. We will provide the materials that meet your needs and that qualify the program for CLE credit. Although attendance certification and other formalities of CLE completion are the responsibility of your firm, we will work with you in arranging CLE credit.

The cost of a two hour session is $10,000. The cost of a three hour session is $15,000. For further information about the substantive content of the program, please contact Professor Jeffrey Bauman at 202-662-9061 (, or Professor Michael Frisch at 202-662-9926 ( An online description of the program is available at To schedule a training program, contact Paulette Smith at

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