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Forerunners of the NAACP: Inventing Civil Rights Lawyering, 1880-1915

(Co-sponsored by the Black Law Students Association)

Susan Carle, Professor of Law, at the Washington College of Law, American University, presented on the book, "Forerunners of the NAACP: Inventing Civil Rights Lawyering, 1880-1915." 


Insights into the Legal Profession

(Co-sponsored by the Office of Career Services) 

James Jones of Hildebrandt International, former managing partner of Arnold & Porter, presented “Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services:  Challenges for Lawyers in a Time of Revolutionary Change” [Presentation]

Bruce MacEwen, law firm consultant and founder of the on-line publication Adam Smith, Esq., presented “Economic & Strategic Perspectives on the Current Environment”.


Second Annual Lecture on the Legal Profession

Professor Scott Cummings, UCLA Law School

Market-Driven Public Interest Law

Professor Scott Cummings of UCLA Law School, who is faculty chair of the Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy, delivered the Second Annual Lecture on the Legal Profession on “Market-Driven Public Interest Law.”  Professor Cummings’ research examines the organization and practice of public interest law.  He currently is working on projects that explore the operation of small public interest firms, the development of public interest law systems abroad, and the role of lawyers in the anti-sweatshop movement in Los Angeles. 

Lecture on the Legal Profession

Delivered by Theodore Schneyer, Milton O. Riepe Professor of Law, University of Arizona

Developments in the UK and Australia: How Might They Affect the Regulation of Legal Practice in the United States?

Professor Schneyer discussed the implications of recent reforms in the UK and Australia for the regulation of lawyers in the US.  These reforms include the authorization of outside investment in law firms, the establishment of a regulatory agency independent of the bar, and the creation of separate regulatory programs for large law firms.

Insights into the Legal Profession Speaker Series

This series presented different perspectives on where the legal profession presently is and where it may go in the future.

Bruce MacEwen, an expert in the economics of law firm practice. His website, AdamSmith, Esq is widely admired for its insights into the legal profession. His topic will be Law Firm Finance 101.

James Jones, former managing partner of Arnold & Porter and presently chairman of the Hildebrandt Institute and vice-president of Hildebrandt International. He will talk about the past, present and future of the legal profession.

Cindy Moehring, Senior Director, U.S. Ethics, Wal-Mart, presented "Challenges Faced By In-House Counsel For A Global Organization:  Maneuvering Your Way To Success." The focus of this speech is the role of in-house counsel in shaping corporate decisions and policies in the area of corporate social responsibility, diversity, alleged illegal conduct, and business ethics.  The session will address the role of in-house counsel as cop, counsel and/or entrepreneur in each of these situations, and when is it appropriate to wear which hat.  Throughout the session, the situations examined will give students a better understanding of the judgment and skills required to maneuver successfully as in-house counsel. 

Ray Bayley, CEO and Founding Partner of Novus Law, LLC. Ray is a former managing partner at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. LLC. Novus is a new global legal services firm which has done a great deal of work in India and elsewhere. His talk will be entitled “Creative Destruction in the Legal Profession.” He will discuss the forces that are transforming the legal profession and will analyze the new business models, services, forms of distribution and globalization that are challenging and changing the traditional law firm practice model. He believes that there are new and interesting opportunities for lawyers and that there is an increasing need for lawyers to learn new skills to succeed in a rapidly evolving legal industry.  

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