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The aim of the ethics roundtable is to provide law firm managing partners and general counsel a broad perspective on developments and research at the intersection of legal ethics, risk assessment, and law firm structure, management, and culture.  The ethics roundtable involves discussions four times during the academic year among Mitt Regan, Jeff Bauman, and managing partners and general counsel of law firms.  A typical roundtable session features a presentation by Mitt Regan or Jeff Bauman on an issue, followed by a discussion guided by the presenter.  We provide participants with some material on the subject prior to the meeting, and distribute additional material at the Roundtable session.  The latter includes not only legal material, but our own outlines and identification of key issues and suggested practices that build on our examination of the topic, as well as a bibliography of prominent research and analysis. Prior Roundtables have covered the reigning law firm business model, conflicts of interest law, challenges and best practices regarding electronic discovery, and other critical issues at the interesction of ethics, law firm structure, and law firm culture.

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