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Founded in 2014, the Center was established to bridge gaps between the academy and policymakers –and between lawyers and technologists. 


Georgetown Law and MIT students and Senator Al Franken at their final class presentations.

Bedoya and Vladeck… are leading the law school's new partnership with MIT that aims to create a pipeline of future policymakers that are well-versed in both law and technology.

Catherine Ho, At Georgetown Law, efforts to close gap between law, tech
Washington Post
, January 11, 2015

In just under a year, the think tank has become a respected voice in Washington…

Cory Bennett, Advocating Privacy
The Hill
, July 14, 2015  


Faculty director Julie Cohen is one of the nation's leading privacy theorists.

"A lot of folks say, 'Why on Earth would you start a Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown?' But the fact of the matter is that the big decisions in American privacy law are made right here… you have within 10 or 20 blocks the key decision-makers on privacy in the country."

Alvaro Bedoya quoted in
Anne Cassidy, Who's Watching You (cover story)
Georgetown Law Magazine
, Spring/Summer 2015


Faculty director Angela Campell, Maryland Law Prof. Danielle Citron,
and Robin West discuss
Hate Crimes in Cyberspace

Georgetown University Law Center has created a center focused on preserving privacy and civil rights in the face of advancing technology, and it has hired one of Capitol Hill's top lawyers to run it.

Todd Ruger, Hill Lawyer Runs New Georgetown Law Center on Privacy
Legal Times
, July 21, 2014

Georgetown… is looking to expand its footprint on privacy and train the next generation of leaders in privacy practice, policy-making and advocacy.

Angelique Carson, Georgetown Law Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Technologists and Privacy Lawyers
The Privacy Advisor
, July 23, 2014  

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