Episode 2 | New Privacy Insights: GDPR, CCPA, and Beyond

In episode 2, Meribeth BanaschikTravis LeBlanc, and Randy Sabett provide insights on privacy under differing regimes.  Topics discussed include, among other things:

  • Certain important privacy regimes
  • The challenges created by remote work
  • Biometric data and the related privacy concerns
  • Healthcare data and the privacy trade-offs


Episode 1 | eDiscovery: The Challenges of Social Media (and Other Ephemeral Data Types)

In episode 1, Jennifer Joyce and the Hon. John M. Facciola (Ret.) provide insights on the eDiscovery challenges posed by social media and other ephemeral data.  Topics discussed include, among other things:

  • What is meant by ephemeral data
  • Legal and ethical duties, including the duty to preserve ephemeral data
  • Guidance on collection and review
  • Recommendations for setting policies


Trailer | Compliance & Legal Risk Podcast

The trailer for the upcoming Compliance & Legal Risk Podcast, brought to you Georgetown Law in collaboration with EY! Episode 1 releases on June 29th, if you want to find out more then feel free to take a look at our articles page and be sure to join us for the launch of our first episode next week!