Our second episode is “New Privacy Insights: GDPR, CCPA, and Beyond”.  I asked our guests—Meribeth BanaschikTravis LeBlanc, and Randy Sabett— for one “actionable, monetizable takeaway” for our listeners.  Randy said:


“I’ll actually give two quick ones.  One, from a company perspective, I would say cyber insurance is almost a necessity these days, in the sense that it covers both privacy and cybersecurity issues, although as the products mature, you have to look at the policies carefully.  On the individual side of things, I would say to the folks in the audience that are looking to become more visible in these fields, get involved in public speaking.  There are all kinds of opportunities available, and if you have some good ideas about these different topics, you can get in front of an audience and become well known.  I think it definitely is an indirect way of monetizing things.”


Interested in hearing more?  Want to know what Travis and Meribeth said?  Check out Episode 2 here.