Our second episode is “New Privacy Insights: GDPR, CCPA, and Beyond”.  I asked our guests—Meribeth BanaschikTravis LeBlanc, and Randy Sabett—if “a student or someone more junior would like to do what you do or get into your area, what advice would you give them?”  Travis said:


“When I was in law school, we did not have any privacy classes at all; privacy, security.  If you were interested in technology, your only real option was an intellectual property class and maybe it’ll cover copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks.  And that was about it.  These days, just about every major national law school offers a curriculum in privacy, or security, or other issues around technology.  It could be even artificial intelligence.  But even if the law school doesn’t offer it, I’m willing to bet that another school in the university, it could be the business school, it could be the public policy school, it could be the philosophy department, offers some class or classes that are relevant to privacy, security, technology policy.  And I would encourage anyone that’s currently in school to take advantage of those resources.  Those are resources that I’m willing to bet Randy and Meribeth also didn’t have access to when they were students.”


Interested in hearing more?  Want to know what Randy and Meribeth said?  Check out Episode 2 here.