Our second episode is “New Privacy Insights: GDPR, CCPA, and Beyond”.  I asked our guests—Meribeth BanaschikTravis LeBlanc, and Randy Sabett—to “recommend an article, book, blog, website, talk, or other resource” for our listeners.  Randy said:


“I think, one good place, and a set of publications that they put out both in privacy and security, is NIST, here in the U.S., which has a cybersecurity framework, a privacy framework.  They have an entire collection called the 800 series of more discrete topics in privacy and security.  I believe that, even though they are technical in nature, especially the framework documents give you a good complete picture of the very basic concepts: identify, detect, protect, respond, recover.  Those five verbs are the basis for the entire cybersecurity framework.  And they take you through and build on that and help to bridge, as Meribeth mentioned earlier, the C-Suite, and the non-security and privacy people don’t necessarily speak the same language.  This is a great way of bridging that gap, so I would recommend the NIST website.”


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