Our second episode is “New Privacy Insights: GDPR, CCPA, and Beyond”.  Meribeth Banaschik provided a short description of the GDPR:


“You should know that it stands for General Data Protection Regulation.  And maybe the “R” at the end is the most important part; that it’s a regulation as compared to a directive, because this means that it was, let’s say, incorporated into the law of all the countries.  And that directive, which over here, we would call the 95 directive, the GDPR sought to harmonize all those differences and all the different countries’ laws.  And this harmonization was one of the major goals of the GDPR.  And also you should know that it applies to data controllers.  So this data controller is someone who makes decisions about data.  That’s, I think, the easy way to remember the very complicated definition that exists.  And it applies to data processors, who can be different individuals or entities who are handling data in some way for the controller.  And there are some key buzzwords like accountability, privacy by design, and, I believe, it’s 11 different individual rights that were created, which maybe distinguish it from some of the other legislation around the world.”


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