Our second episode is “New Privacy Insights: GDPR, CCPA, and Beyond”.  I asked our guests—Meribeth BanaschikTravis LeBlanc, and Randy Sabett—about where this area was “heading in the next year.”  Meribeth said:


“I think that data is power.  And so I would expect to see, I mean, we already see that this has become a very political topic with antitrust claims, with sanctions.  I think in the EU, in the next year, we will become more critical of ourselves, of whether or not the GDPR is a success.  If it’s being enforced the way that we thought that it would be.  Of course, we see the UK adequacy decision coming out, but Brexit still brings a lot of question marks.  And I think as the CCPA comes out, all the European countries that now have their compliance management systems in place will need to decide if they might need to over-comply in certain jurisdictions to have a global uniform privacy program, or if they choose to have a non-uniform compliance program that strictly complies only with the requirements in each individual country, which if we have 20, 30, 40 different privacy regulations around the globe, can get pretty complicated pretty quickly.”


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