Our first episode is “eDiscovery: The Challenges of Social Media (and Other Ephemeral Data Types)”.  I asked our guests—Jennifer Joyce and the Hon. John M. Facciola (Ret.)—where this area was “heading in the next year.”  Jennifer said:


“I’d add [to what Judge Facciola said] that I think additional technology and advances in the current platforms will be underway, particularly for business use.  You could have a personal account with a certain application for communications with your friends and family, non-business related, but I think that there will be an increase into those platforms to help support some of the business processes, particularly around retention of records, legal preservation, other types of compliance requirements.  I think that’ll come as well.  Then the other thing that that I’m seeing already, and I think will continue, is just sort of a coming together of a lot of the different cross functional teams within businesses, including legal, technology, compliance, to really understand the technologies they have, how they bring it in, how they govern it, so that they have that holistic view and to manage those risks together, as opposed to, I think, what has previously been a little bit of silos.  I think that trend is coming and I think we’ll see more of that.”


Interested in hearing more?  Want to know what Judge Facciola said about this?  Check out Episode 1 here (available June 29).