Our third episode, “Cyber Breach Response”, features guest speakers Angeline Chen and Bodo Meseke.  I asked our guests to “recommend an article, book, blog, website, talk, or other resource” for our listeners.  Angie said:


“Well, there’s a lot of resources that are out there.  I mentioned a couple of the U.S. government resources, certainly the FTC, the Small Business Association, and the SEC have a lot of information that’s out there, as do other organizations like NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technologies, which actually has publicized a number of standards for cybersecurity.  Some of my go-to resources include Krebs on Security.  I would also add Schneier on Security.  National security.  And one of my personal favorites CSO Perspectives and CyberWire, which is run by the former CSO of Palo Alto Networks, who used to run the circuit a lot and is incredibly insightful and warm.  And another resource that I’d like to add as well, a little bit of self-promotion, I apologize for that.  But the ABA has put out a cybersecurity handbook.  And I am proud and privileged to have been the author of one of the chapters that specifically focuses on in-house counsel, and what in-house counsel should think about and should consider with respect to cybersecurity in this moving field.  And we’re actually going into our second edition.  So I would keep an eye out for that.  And that could possibly be a good resource for folks as well, if they’re interested.”


Interested in hearing more?  Check out Episode 3 here (available August 31, 2021).