Our third episode, “Cyber Breach Response”, features guest speakers Angeline Chen and Bodo Meseke.  I asked our guests “what exactly is cyber breach and what are the different kinds of cyber breaches?”  Bodo said:


“So maybe I‘ll start with the technical part, as I’m a quite technical guy.  And so the term cyber breach is related to data breach.  Data breach means an incident where secure private or confidential information gets transferred to an untrusted environment.  This might be intentional or unintentional.  The root cause might be different, but the problem always is the same: sensitive data is suddenly somewhere else where you don’t want to have it.  And data breaches are distinguished in physical, electronic, and skimming.  So this means with the cyber breach, we refer to the electronic data breach types.  This is, beside attacks that lead to breaches, phishing, password cracking, and others that can create huge damage.  So there are some attacks that lead to breaches immediately, like phishing or password cracking.  But there are some more cyber attacks that are also very prominent and can create huge damage, but not necessarily lead to a breach like ransomware.  Their data is encrypted.  We will hear more about this later.  Or distributed denial of service when you just want to stop computers from working.  This is not necessarily a breach but a cyber attack.  So in a nutshell, cyber breach means loss of data by electronic means.  And I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of legal aspects.”


Interested in hearing more?  Want to know what Angie said?  Check out Episode 3 here (available August 31, 2021).