Our fourth episode, “Artificial Intelligence and Bias”, features guest speakers Mutale Nkonde, Todd Marlin, and Avi Gesser.  I asked our guests if “a student or someone more junior would like to do what you do or get into your area, what advice would you give them?”  Todd said:


“I would just add that learning is a lifelong thing.  So this isn’t a static area.  And it used to be that, when I started out in the field over 25 years ago, folks were talking about data analytics and understanding data.  And, when I take a step back, there’s so many different aspects to this.  It’s about understanding the data and how it’s constructed.  It’s about the creation of models.  It’s about the intersection with business, privacy, cyber security.  All these things are related.  So my advice would be, find what aspect you’re passionate about, and then seek to learn.  And that learning does not have to be solely through a university.  It can be through reading, it can be through on the job, it can be through a number of freely available resources.  But at a minimum, given the pervasive nature of what we’re talking about here today, I believe it’s important that all folks should have some level of awareness, so as a society, we can change and get to the right outcomes.”


Interested in hearing more?  Check out Episode 4 here (available September 23, 2021).