Our fifth episode, “Anti-Corruption Compliance: Bribery & FCPA”, features guest speakers Jim McCurry, Jon Kolodner, and Lisa Vicens.  I asked our guests to “recommend an article, book, blog, website, talk, or other resource” for our listeners.  Jim said:


“We’ve teamed often with Transparency International to put out some thought leadership.  They do a regular survey on the Corruption Perceptions Index, that’s released annually, that’s quite interesting to look where the problems are around the world, how that’s changing year by year, and the sort of evolution over time.  So I think it’s an interesting resource to give you perspective on where the hotspots are around the world.  Certainly, if you’re a company looking to make acquisitions or looking into expanding into other markets, it’s sort of a good first port of call.  The World Bank does a wonderful Doing Business In series that will detail some of the issues and challenges of operating across the geographies, how long it takes to get a specific type of license, all the really interesting things that are a bit mundane, but as you think about how to operate in geographies, and the complexity of operating in some of those geographies, it can be quite useful.  And it’s, as Jon said, EY has plenty of resources, country by country around corruption issues, and then how to address them and address specific compliance requirements in various markets.”


Interested in hearing more?  Check out Episode 5 here (available October 28, 2021).