Our fifth episode, “Anti-Corruption Compliance: Bribery & FCPA”, features guest speakers Jim McCurry, Jon Kolodner, and Lisa Vicens.  I asked our guests what a “white collar and investigations practice” is.  Lisa said, in connection with Jon’s point about advising on compliance programs and controls:


“I think that is particularly relevant in the FCPA context.  More and more, and we will talk about this, there’s a strong focus on putting into place controls, policies, and procedures to detect and prevent bribery before it occurs.  But also, as we’ll talk about, there is this tremendous risk around the FCPA, and so for companies that are considering entering into joint ventures, for example, or acquiring a company, there’s a lot of focus on trying to identify the potential risk of those strategic transactions.  So something that we will often do on the advisory side is really try to, as much as possible, conduct diligence to understand what risk companies are taking before they engage in strategic transactions.  On the flip side of that, once you have conducted that acquisition of a company in another jurisdiction, how to integrate that company into your own compliance structure, so that you have better visibility going forward and can reduce your risk.”


Interested in hearing more?  Check out Episode 5 here (available October 28, 2021).