Our fifth episode, “Anti-Corruption Compliance: Bribery & FCPA”, features guest speakers Jim McCurry, Jon Kolodner, and Lisa Vicens.  I asked our guests to “recommend an article, book, blog, website, talk, or other resource” for our listeners.  Lisa said:


“I feel like Jon and Jim identified so many good resources.  I have to say, I think that I agree with Jim that there’s a lot of really great NGOs that really are focused on this, like Transparency International.  I was going to say the World Bank Doing Business ranking, which I think is great.  I work with two organizations, the Vance Center for International Justice and the Americas Society, both of whom put out a lot of information on corruption and the intersection, as I mentioned, with democracies and with institutions, which I think is very helpful.  But there’s a lot of really good information out there.  So I agree with Jim and Jon.”


Interested in hearing more?  Check out Episode 5 here (available October 28, 2021).