Our fifth episode, “Anti-Corruption Compliance: Bribery & FCPA”, features guest speakers Jim McCurry, Jon Kolodner, and Lisa Vicens.  I asked our guests to “tell us a little bit about themselves, what they do and how they got there.”   Jim said:


“I started in the forensic accounting world back in university when I was majoring in accounting but wasn’t really sure that audit and tax were the right way to go.  It seems a little less interesting than some of the things that I thought I’d like to do with my career.  So I managed to find a small consulting firm that was focused on litigation activities and investigations that really got me down the forensic accounting track and put me into a very different set of conversations with clients around issues related to the financial statement misstatement, issues relating to corruption, issues relating to procurement fraud.  So it was really a whole host of areas that sort of sparked my interest and began what is now a 26 year career at EY, where I’m fortunate to be the Deputy Global Leader of a tremendous forensics practice, that’s got, I think we’re up at around 5000 people across over 40 countries at the moment.”


Interested in hearing more?  Check out Episode 5 here (available October 28, 2021).