Our sixth and seventh episodes—focused on “The Future of Compliance and Legal with a Digital Lens”—feature guest speakers Josh Hogue, Andreas Pyrcek, and Dr. Annie Green.  I asked our guests if “a student or someone more junior would like to do what you do or get into your area, what advice would you give them?”  Dr. Green said:


“Along my path, I’ve taken a journey to here.  In STEM, we have people running from STEM right now, which I don’t understand, because I think it’s a great field.  But the one thing that I would tell them is, go in with an open mind and be prepared to utilize your thoughts, because thinking is like life’s lightbulb.  You will get so much reward from this field.  Start in understanding all of the components, and then pick where you want to go, and you can create your own position now.”


Interested in hearing more?  Check out Episode 6 (available January 31, 2022) and Episode 7 (available February 24, 2022).