Our sixth and seventh episodes—focused on “The Future of Compliance and Legal with a Digital Lens”—feature guest speakers Josh Hogue, Andreas Pyrcek, and Dr. Annie Green.  I asked our guests how, “if at all, does blockchain play into the future of legal and compliance?”  Josh said:


“I think it’s very early days for blockchain, at least for legal and compliance.  The one area I’ve seen it start to come up a little bit is when you think about smart contracts or contracts that would be tied to blockchain, just to let you know exactly what version, from a version control standpoint.  I think that’s one area down the road.  But I would say, I’ve seen very, very little movement or tangible, meaningful, material interest around blockchain right now with some of our legal and compliance clients.”


Interested in hearing more?  Check out Episode 6 (available January 31, 2022) and Episode 7 (available February 24, 2022).