Our sixth and seventh episodes—focused on “The Future of Compliance and Legal with a Digital Lens”—feature guest speakers Josh Hogue, Andreas Pyrcek, and Dr. Annie Green.  I asked our guests for one “actionable, monetizable takeaway” for our listeners.  Josh said:


“Transformation, digital technology, really don’t try to get overwhelmed with trying to do something or transform everything overnight, right, make baby steps.  Find areas that you can start to do it and kind of build a consensus.  But I think, going back to me, there’s a lot of culture element that goes around this.  And I think that’s the one thing I would just say, if you take anything away, it’s not just the technology, but it’s everything else that goes with it.  It’s the people and it’s the process that are taught to it.  And anytime you’re going to roll something out or adopt something, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got those other two components baked in.”


Interested in hearing more?  Check out Episode 6 (available January 31, 2022) and Episode 7 (available February 24, 2022).