Our sixth and seventh episodes—focused on “The Future of Compliance and Legal with a Digital Lens”—feature guest speakers Josh Hogue, Andreas Pyrcek, and Dr. Annie Green.  I asked our guests to “tell us a little bit about themselves, what they do and how they got there.”  Josh said:


“I’m a partner with Ernst & Young, specifically within our EY law practice.  I’ve been with the firm for about six years, but I’ve been in what we call the alternative legal services industry for about 20 years, primarily focus on regulatory risk, legal operation, really the business of law as it relates to our clients. And specifically for me, focus on our financial clients, everything from banking, capital markets to insurance, and wealth and asset management.  I got in this industry, really, in a startup context, very many years ago was more in investigations and forensic discovery type work.  Was part of the startup until that and then moved into more consulting years down the road.”


Interested in hearing more?  Check out Episode 6 (available January 31, 2022) and Episode 7 (available February 24, 2022).