Episode 3 speaker Angeline Chen co-authored a piece with a DLA Piper colleague in May 2019 entitled “Court finds that failure to comply with cybersecurity obligations can create False Claims Act liability”.  The piece discusses a court decision and states, among other takeaways:

“Cybersecurity compliance requires a multi-disciplinary team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.  At a minimum, this team should include personnel from IT, Legal, Contracts, and Program Operations.  You should also evaluate whether there are other parts of your organization that would benefit from a basic understanding of the requirements and the potential consequences for noncompliance.  For example, your company’s Business Development and Human Resources personnel may apply this information when evaluating new contract opportunities or recruiting and managing IT or Contracts personnel.  In addition, senior management should assess how best to keep the board of directors apprised of cybersecurity compliance issues.”


Read the full piece here.