Episode 2 speaker Randy Sabett contributed to a piece in May 2021 entitled “The Long-awaited 2021 Cyber Executive Order”.  The piece states, among other things:

“Sec. 7 focuses on vulnerability and incident detection.  To address this issue, the EO [Executive Order] proposes an Endpoint Detection and Response initiative.  Sec. 7(b) describes EDR activities to support detection of cyber incidents within federal government networks, ‘active cyber hunting,’ containment of incidents followed by appropriate remediation, and incident response.  Other parts of Sec. 7 require information sharing with CISA related to threats and vulnerabilities within federal civilian systems, improvement of detection of cyber incidents through various potential operating models and a report to be generated describing how authorities for sanctioning threat hunting activities without prior authorization are being implemented.  In addition, Sec. 7(j) seeks to align DoD Information Network directives and directives applicable to the Federal Civilian Executive Branch Information Systems by mandating procedures for sharing information between the two.”


Read the full piece here.