Episode 2 speaker Randy Sabett contributed to a piece in March 2021 entitled “Virginia Becomes Second US State to Enact Comprehensive Privacy Law”.  The piece states, among other things:

“Importantly, the CDPA’s [Consumer Data Privacy Act’s] substantive requirements apply only to personal data about ‘consumers,’ which are defined as Virginia residents acting in an individual or household capacity.  As such, the requirements do not extend to information about individuals acting in a commercial or employment context.  The CDPA exempts several categories of information regulated by other laws and standards, including protected health information under HIPAA and various other categories of regulated health-related personal data, certain data about clinical trial participants, certain information regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, information regulated by the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, student information regulated by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and personal data processed in compliance with the Farm Credit Act.”


Read the full piece here.