Episode 2 speaker Travis LeBlanc contributed to a piece in April 2020 entitled “AI and Algorithms: FTC Issues Guidance for Companies Amid Heightened Scrutiny”.  The piece states, among other things:

“The guidance emphasizes that companies that mislead consumers about the use of automated tools, such as AI chatbots that deceive consumers into believing they are communicating with a live person, could face FTC enforcement.  The guidance highlights the FTC’s 2017 Ashley Madison enforcement action based in part on allegations that the website used fake ‘engager profiles’ and its 2019 Devumi enforcement action that alleged that the company sold fake followers, subscribers, views and ‘likes’ to users of social media platforms.  The guidance also notes that the FCRA [Fair Credit Reporting Act] may require a company to provide an ‘adverse action’ notice and the right to correct inaccurate information, if the company relies on information, such as credit history, criminal records, shopping history or the like to automate decision-making about eligibility for credit, employment, insurance, housing or similar benefits and transactions.”


Read the full piece here.