Episode 2 speaker Travis LeBlanc contributed to a piece in July 2021 entitled “GDPR Three Years on the Road: The 10 Key Developments You Should Know”.  The piece states, among other things:

“Looking at the past three years of enforcement by the national data protection authorities, we have seen some kind of evolution in the enforcement area:

  • From June to the end of 2018: National authorities were setting up and reorganizing their teams to align their internal structure and resources with their new roles under the GDPR.  This resulted in very few enforcements
  • Year 2019: The enforcement increased in 2019, but it consisted mainly of small fines and small companies being targeted
  • Year 2020: National data protection authorities started imposing very high monetary penalties, but many of these were appealed
  • Year 2021: This year, we have started to see more mature and sophisticated enforcement decisions”.


Read the full piece here.