Program Format:

What is EventMobi? What is its relationship with Georgetown Law?

The Office of Executive and Continuing Legal Education partnered with EventMobi, an event management platform, to offer the 2020 Advanced State & Local Tax Institute (SALT) in a virtual format. In EventMobi, you will be able to view all of the program sessions and also find speaker biographies, course materials, and information on how to request CLE and CPE credit.

I see that some sessions are being offered in a live format and others are offered on-demand. What is the difference?

Each jurisdiction has specific guidelines on CLE eligibility for online sessions, and many jurisdictions differentiate between live formats and on-demand formats. “Live” sessions include those that are offered at a scheduled date and time and include opportunities for attendees to ask questions and receive feedback from speakers. “On-demand” sessions can be watched anytime and do not include opportunities to interact with speakers.

What if I miss a live session? May I watch it later?

After the live sessions air on August 12th and 13th, they will be offered on-demand. There may be a temporary delay in converting the format of these sessions. On-demand content will continue to be available until October 1st.

Additional information on credit processes is included below. To comply with MCLE guidelines, live and on-demand participation will be tracked separately. Separate credit request forms are available for each session format.

Please note: CPE credit can only be granted for the 6 live sessions. To receive CPE credit, the sessions must be watched at the scheduled date and time, when speakers are available for Q&A.

I see that there will be 15-minute Q&A sessions after 5 of the live sessions. It appears that “Ethics and Technology” does not include a separate Q&A session. Why is that?

The “Ethics and Technology” session will be offered as a live stream and include live polling. Instructional content will be offered for 60 minutes, and the speakers will then remain in the live session for an additional 15 minutes of Q&A.

The other 5 sessions were pre-recorded and are being offered in a “simu-live” format. The sessions will air at the scheduled time, and then the speakers will join the corresponding Q&A sessions to allow for live interaction.

Credit and Participation-Tracking:

When I began viewing each session, I received a notification stating that I will need to keep track of codes displayed intermittently throughout the session. Why is this necessary?

Most jurisdictions have strict requirements that participation be tracked during online CLE sessions. The tracking codes meet the states’ requirements and allow you to verify that you completed the entire event.

When and where do I submit the participation-tracking codes?

In EventMobi, you will be provided with links to both the “CLE/CPE Credit Request Form – Live Sessions” and the “CLE Credit Request Form – On Demand Sessions.” You should use these forms to request credit and submit the tracking codes. Additional information on the forms is included below.

I see that there are separate Credit Request Forms for live and on-demand credit. Why are two forms necessary? Which should I use?

To comply with MCLE guidelines, we must separately track live and on-demand completions in order to meet applicable reporting deadlines.

In order to receive CLE and/or CPE credit for live sessions attended on August 12 and 13, please submit a CLE Request Form by AUGUST 23, 2020. To seek live webcast CLE or CPE credit, you must have attended the live sessions and their corresponding Q&A periods. Please note: CPE credit is only available for the 6 live sessions held on August 12 and 13. On-demand sessions are not eligible for CPE credit.

CLE sessions aired on August 12 and 13 will continue to be available on-demand after those dates. In order to receive CLE credit for on-demand sessions, please submit a CLE Request Form by OCTOBER 1, 2020. You have two options for completing this form. You may retain your participation-tracking codes and submit them all at once. Or, if preferred, you may submit this form multiple times as you intermittently view sessions.

Which sessions are eligible for CPE credit?

CPE credit can only be granted for the 6 live sessions, which will be offered on August 12th and 13th. Those sessions include the following: Coaxing Advice from Tax Administrators Even When You Don’t Want the Courts to be Bound by It: Guidance, Reliance, and the Anti-Deference Push, The Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis for State Taxation, The Last Word: A Dialogue with State Tax Administrators, Ethics and Technology, How Will States React to the Flood of Amended Returns Resulting From Federal Tax Reform?, and Marketplace Providers: The Next Phase in the “Mail Order” Saga.

To receive CPE credit for your participation in these live sessions, please complete and submit the “CLE/CPE Credit Request Form – Live Sessions” form by AUGUST 23, 2020.

How will I receive credit for completing 2020 Virtual Advanced State & Local Tax Institute sessions?

Our department partners with CLE Help Desk, and the group oversees our accreditation, certificate, and credit reporting processes. Once you submit a credit request form, CLE Help Desk will reach out to provide detailed certificates and credit information through their online portal. Once you receive the initial communication from CLE Help Desk, it is important that you confirm your information as soon as possible. Many jurisdictions require that live webcast participation be reported within 30 days of completion, and CLE Help Desk must comply with those policies. After receiving the email, you will first be asked to confirm your list of completed sessions and jurisdiction information. Once that information is confirmed, the portal will allow you to download your certificate(s).

If your jurisdiction requires that providers report live webcast attendance, CLE Help Desk will do so. If you must self-report or self-file, CLE Help Desk will provide the necessary guidance on how to complete those steps.

CLE Help Desk will also provide CPE certificates.

CLE Help Desk contacted me and asked that I verify my session attendance. Is this step necessary?

Yes. Most jurisdictions require that providers implement multiple methods of verifying attendance and participation. Once you’re contacted by CLE Help Desk, you will be asked to confirm your attendance as a final verification step. The final verification also provides an opportunity for attendees to correct any inaccuracies or discrepancies.

I believe that my jurisdiction only allows attorneys to complete a limited number of online CLE credits. Will I receive credit for all SALT sessions?

All jurisdictions maintain specific policies regarding online CLE credits. However, due to the impacts of COVID-19, many jurisdictions are actively evaluating and updating those policies. Some jurisdictions will allow attorneys to complete a larger number of online credits this year, while others are extending their compliance periods. Some may opt to do both.

These policies are subject to continual change as current events unfold, and we recommend checking with your jurisdiction to confirm current policy changes. Today’s answer may change by next month. Multiple websites are also tracking these changes as they are announced.


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Who should I contact with additional questions?

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to sl1509@georgetown (Steven Luhr, Program Coordinator) or We will provide whatever information is needed or connect you directly with CLE Help Desk.