How do I receive CLE credit for attending one of your events?

The Office of Executive and Continuing Legal Education currently partners with CLE Help Desk to ensure that our program attendees can easily receive CLE credit after attending one of our conferences. 

When you arrive at our event, our departmental staff will provide the logistical and tracking steps that are required to receive credit. After attending, CLE Help Desk will contact you via email. You will then be asked to verify your attendance. After verifying the sessions that you attended, you will receive a certificate of attendance and additional details on how credit is reported in your specific jurisdiction(s). If you need to self-report or self-file, that information will also be provided. 

How do you keep track of which sessions I attended?

We take proactive steps to meet jurisdictions’ sign-in requirements and track the specific sessions that attorneys attend. When checking into one of our events, departmental representatives will provide you with guidance on how we track your attendance throughout the conference. It is highly recommended that you follow these steps, which both uphold compliance and allow for more efficient processing of your certificate and credits. 

Do you seek pre-approval in all MCLE jurisdictions?

The Office of Executive and Continuing Legal Education seeks pre-approval in several core states from which we regularly have significant attendance. When registering, you are strongly encouraged to list the jurisdiction(s) in which you need credit. When attendees add this information, our team is better able to project the state bar approval needs of our attendees. Depending on those needs, we will seek approval in additional states. 

Even in cases where pre-approval is not sought, attendees are provided with certificates and all documentation necessary to efficiently self-report or self-file in their respective states. 

Will I receive a certificate of attendance for attending one of your conferences?

Yes. CLE Help Desk provides certificates of attendance to all attendees who complete our session-tracking requirements and request a certificate. 

How quickly will I receive a certificate? 

Approximately 2-3 weeks after attending an event, you will receive an email from CLE Help Desk. You will then be provided with instructions on verifying your session attendance and downloading a certificate.  

Once you receive that email, it is important that you confirm your session attendance as soon as possible. Many jurisdictions require that attendance be reported within 30 days of a CLE event, and CLE Help Desk must comply with those policies. 

What if I don’t complete the required steps and miss the 30-day reporting deadline in my state? 

If your state has a 30-day reporting deadline and you do not complete the required steps, CLE Help Desk will issue a certificate and provide you with instructions on how to self-report. 

I practice in a state that requires attorneys to self-report or self-file or in a state in which the program has not been approved. Do you provide the information that I need to complete self-reporting or self-filing?

Yes. When CLE Help Desk provides your certificate of attendance, their staff will also include any approval codes, instructions, and/or forms that you need to certify your attendance. 

I understand that I will receive email communications from CLE Help Desk. What should I do if my workplace email system does not allow external emails or flags them for security review? 

Following the program, you will receive an email and instructions from CLE Help Desk. If your workplace email system intercepts external communications or sends them to spam, it is highly recommended that you list a personal email address for post-program communications pertaining to CLE credit. 

What if I have questions after the event? 

If you have any questions or concerns after attending one of our events, please reach out to or (202) 662-9890. If needed, our office will connect you with CLE Help Desk.