To ensure that our conferences run smoothly, we prepare many months in advance. Each program has a designated program planner who is responsible for coordinating all program logistics and executing our conferences to their fullest potential. Speakers should direct all questions to your assigned program planner or the CLE office email,

In agreeing to speak at our conference, we ask that you provide your program planner with the following information:

Speaker Biography

We request a one-paragraph biography that will be included in your program’s course materials. Please send this biography to your program’s planner. Please reference our sample biography for an example.

Course Materials

ALL MCLE states require us to provide “high-quality materials” in support of seminars. There is no set format for materials, though a mere outline or brief PowerPoint are often not sufficient for receiving CLE credit.

Please review our course material guidelines for more information.


While our set-ups may vary based on the conference’s location, the following audio visual equipment is standard: laptop, screen, screen projector, wireless presenter, wireless mouse, lectern with microphone, and tabletop microphones.

If you have any audio visual needs outside of those listed above (such as audio or video for your PowerPoint, flip charts, etc.), you must request them in advance by emailing your assigned program planner. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of equipment for last-minute requests.


In the event that a conference is being live webcasted, your program planner will inform you far in advance to make you aware. Should you be unable or unwilling to participate in a live webcast, it is imperative that you let your program planner know right away.


If you live outside of the Washington DC area, please remember to make your reservations for travel and hotel. Please see your program’s page for specific hotel information.