Fall 2022 Academic Calendar

First week of September: Orientation
September 12: Classes Begin
December 30: Classes End
December 17-30: Final Exams
*(Note: Registration is after the first week of classes to provide an opportunity to sit-in on classes prior to registration.)

Available Courses

Students take courses in the LL.M. Program in Chinese Law while at Tsinghua. A list of course offerings is available online.

Tsinghua grades on a 100 point scale. A passing grade is 60 points. Georgetown gives credits for law courses in which a student receives a passing grade.

Because new course offerings may not be publicized until the start of the term, it is possible that not all eligible courses are listed above. Participants in this program who wish to enroll in any course not listed above must contact the Office of Transnational Programs by email to request approval. Participants should not expect to receive credit for courses that are not expressly approved by OTP. See the Study Abroad Policy for details.

Housing & Facilities

Georgetown students planning to study at Tsinghua are eligible for housing in University dormitories. Dormitories are on Tsinghua’s large, park-like campus and located a short walk from the law faculty building and classrooms. Dormitories need to be reserved online. Please pay attention to the admission package.

There are two options for dormitory space. Students can reserve a space in a shared room. The double room is equipped with air conditioning, telephone, television and internet access. There is a common bathroom on each floor. Students can also reserve a single room. The single rooms also come with air conditioning, telephone, television, internet access, and private bathrooms.

To live off campus, students must rent residential housing legally available to foreign residents and both the student and the landlord must register with the local police within 24 hours of a student moving into the residence.

Applicants should note that Tsinghua facilities are not necessarily accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Students studying at Tsinghua also have access to the Tsinghua University Library.

Estimated Budget

The budget below reflects 2019 amounts. An updated budget will be provided as soon as it is available.

Estimated Budget based on 2019 amounts
Expense Estimated Budget
Tuition $32,274
Health Insurance $2,895
Student Visa $130
Airfare $1,300
Rent $1,600
Food/ Utilities $900
Books $100
Other Fees $500
Local Transportation $100
Abroad Insurance $120
TOTAL $39,919

Visa information is provided to admitted students by program staff.

Contact for Admitted Students

Ms. Camellia Liu
The L.L.M. Program in Chinese Law