Application Form

Georgetown Law strongly prefers that applicants apply online via the LSAC electronic application. Please be aware that LSAC needs time to process materials once received at their offices, so applicants should send their materials to LSAC well in advance of application deadlines.

For those applicants that still want to apply with a traditional paper application or are unable to apply via LSAC, you may do so.

Georgetown Law accepts applications to the S.J.D. Program to begin in the fall semester only.

The application for Fall 2022 is now closed. Please email our office at with any questions.

Application Fee

There is an application fee of $90 for all graduate programs.

If you plan to submit a paper application, it is preferred that you pay the application fee online using the link below. If you are unable to you may pay via check or money order made out to "Georgetown Law"


Applicants must submit a resume that includes information such as education and work experience (including dates of degrees received and employment, employer names and locations, position titles, and description of work responsibilities for each position held).

Personal Statement

All applicants must submit a detailed "personal statement" (a.k.a. motivation letter) describing your background, goals, and reasons for applying to Georgetown and your chosen program. You should include any information that you feel will assist the Graduate Admissions Committee in its decision. This information should provide the admissions committee with more depth than is available in your transcripts and resume alone as to your fit for the S.J.D. and school.

While there are no specific formatting requirements the personal statement should only be 1-2 pages (single spaced) or 2-3 pages (double spaced)


All S.J.D. applicants must submit all transcripts as part of their application. This includes undergraduate, first law degree, and LL.M. transcripts.

If you apply through LSAC, submit your transcripts through LSAC's Credential Assembly Service (no additional charge). The benefit to using this service is that you may upload your documents (including transcripts, letters of recommendation, and TOEFL score) and LSAC will submit to all schools to whom you are applying.

If you are an internationally-educated student, we strongly encourage you to register for LSAC's International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service (additional charge). LSAC will authenticate and evaluate your transcripts through this service. You do not need to complete the Registrar’s Certification Form if you use this service.

If you plan to submit a paper application, you must have official transcripts sent from your universities directly to Georgetown. If your transcripts are in a different language, you must provide English translations submitted by the translator directly through mail.

Registrar’s Certification Form

You are required to submit a Registrar's Certification Form, unless you are using the International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service (available only for internationally-trained students).

This form must be completed by the Registrar’s Office from your first law degree institution. You will complete the top portion of the form; your Registrar’s Office will fill out the bottom half and submit directly to the Office of Admissions. We accept the form via mail, email (send to, or fax (202-662-9439).

TOEFL or IELTS Score (or waiver request)

If English is not your native language, you must submit a TOEFL score report. Your score should exceed 100 points on the internet-based TOEFL exam (with minimum scores of 25 in each of the four sections) or 600 on the paper-based TOEFL exam (with minimum scores of 60 in each of the three sections). You can find more information about the TOEFL, as well as the TOEFL Bulletin of Information and registration form here.

Although the TOEFL test is preferred, you may submit IELTS test scores in place of TOEFL. A minimum overall score of 7.5 on the IELTS is required, with at least 7.0 in each section of the test.

You also have the option to submit a TOEFL waiver request by submitting a statement explaining the basis for your waiver request.

Please note that having completed a 1-year LL.M. degree program in an English-speaking country is not sufficient for a TOEFL or IELTS waiver.

Letters of Recommendation

Your application to the S.J.D. program must be supported by three outstanding recommendations: one from a law professor from your first law degree program, and two from your LL.M. law professors. One of these recommendations must be from a professor in a class where you wrote a research paper, who can speak to your legal research and analysis skills in addition to your written and oral communication skills in English. The Admissions Committee may contact the recommenders to discuss your candidacy

Research Proposal

You must provide a research proposal of 5-15 pages in length, demonstrating your capacity to successfully undertake substantial scholarly research and critical analysis on a topic of significant legal interest. The proposal should include an Executive Summary of no more than 2 paragraphs summarizing the proposed research.

Proposed Supervisor

You should state in your application if there is a particular faculty member with whom you would like to work as a dissertation supervisor. Review the full-time faculty profiles, browse by area of expertise to identify a proposed supervisor.

Writing Sample

You are required to submit a sample of academic writing, at least 20 pages in length that you have prepared without any outside editing.

Optional Statement

You are welcome to submit any additional information that you would like the Graduate Admissions Committee to consider when reviewing your application.


The S.J.D. program may require an interview which, if necessary, can be conducted electronically.