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About the LL.M. Degree Program

  • What is an LL.M.?
  • How Many Students are in the LL.M . Program?
  • How many credits does it take to complete an LL.M.?
  • How long does it take to complete the LL.M.?
  • How much does the LL.M. program cost?
  • Can I work while enrolled in a full-time graduate degree program?
  • If I enter the program as a part-time LL.M. student may I transfer to full-time status?
  • Can I transfer to the J.D. program from the LL.M. program?
  • Does admission to the LL.M. program guarantee or assure admission into the S.J.D. program?
  • May I take graduate classes at Georgetown Law without enrolling in an LL.M. program?

Admissions Process

  • Does Georgetown Law offer "conditional admission" to its Graduate Programs?
  • Does it help to apply early?
  • When will I know the decision?
  • Can I apply to more than one graduate degree program simultaneously?
  • If I apply Early Action and am admitted, am I required to attend Georgetown?
  • How do I reapply if I applied previously to a graduate program and was not accepted?

Admissions Requirements

  • Is there a grade cutoff for admission?
  • How many recommendations should I submit?
  • Do I have to complete the Registrar's Certification Form?
  • Do you require the test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)?
  • May I request a waiver of the TOEFL?
  • Do you accept any test of English other than a TOEFL?
  • How long are TOEFL scores valid?
  • Do you grant application fee waivers to graduate applicants?

Academic Requirements

  • Can I get advanced standing for credit earned at another institution?
  • Can I get advanced standing in a graduate program if I received my J.D. from Georgetown Law?
  • May I get advanced standing in a graduate program if I earned non-degree credits at Georgetown Law?

Post Graduation

  • Is there career placement assistance for LL.M. students?
  • If I am a foreign educated student, can I take a bar exam after I earn my LL.M.?

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